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    Today’s low interest rate environment prompts private investors, particularly those relying on fixed incomes to seek high yield investment opportunities such as private mortgages. Yields of eight or nine percent are readily available for first mortgage investments while yields of twelve to fourteen percent are available for investments in second mortgages. After yield, one of the key attractions of these investments is that they are a hands on investment that can be easily understood.

For borrowers private mortgages offer an alternative source of financing that fills a gap that institutional lenders are unable or unwilling to fill characterized by more flexible lending criteria, expedience, or funding of unique investment opportunities/ properties.

As broker we act as a conduit for private mortgages between lender and borrower. Our key role is to provide and disclose all information as accurately as it is provided and to facilitate the transaction.

If you enjoy choosing your own investments, a private mortgage may be a good addition to your portfolio. If you are interested in becoming a private mortgage investor please contact us.

Typical private lending fees & costs:
Investor will charge a fee based on the loan amount.
100K to 250K: 2% lender fee and 2% broker fee
250K or more: 1% lender fee and 1% broker fee.

Borrower is responsible for the appraisal fee & legal costs of the lender/ investor.